Sunday, October 17, 2010

English Ivy Wrap

I learned a lot with this piece and it's time to move on. I left this image in a rather large size so we can easily see a couple of issues. Firstly, notice particularly in the shadows the blotchy build up. I think that's from too wet a brush. Then notice the dark spots, pigment particles that didn't mix down very well. Curiously, this inconsistent particle size came from a Nicosia Green Earth aqueous dispersion. If I mull the dispersion will that smooth out the pigment? A yellow ochre dispersion doesn't exhibit that mixed particle size.

I was able to reclaim some earlier shadowing and lay in highlights with Titanium Oxide, a whole new experience considering my brush media have been limited to watercolor.

A last thought, it's important to have a good working image. Oftentimes, tempera painters lay in an ink wash right on the gesso prior to applying color. Some artist even use silverpoint. What's important is to know just where the painting is to go before picking up a brush. Planning matters.

I am expecting an order of new pigments from Natural Pigments to arrive tomorrow. And, there is an order from Sinopia coming after that. By the way, Daniel Smith has a good selection of dry pigments and Dick Blick carries some Sinopia sets as well as the Sennelier line.

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