Friday, October 1, 2010

More New Books

So many books. So little time. :-) Still, I can't help but pick up every art book that grabs my interest. I find practices and principles, new and old, so fascinating. And isn't it odd how little things have changed? The basic ingredients of watercolor medium have held constant. How many of the minerals giving us color are the very same used 1500 years ago? Lazurite, Green Earth, the iron oxides and charcoals...

Speaking of minerals, as I continue to make my own paints I plan to keep aside a portion. And why not, as with a bit of water and egg, I'll have my very own tempera. The real thing! So, I'm looking into support material and Natural Pigments is right there to help with all the ingredients needed to make gesso. This is another one of my back burner projects (along with paint making) so progress will be slow. More later as supplies and ambition arrive.

These additions to my library arrive tomorrow:


  1. drool, drool, drool, drool, drool ...

    Honestly, John, I don't know how I got on before your blog turned up!

    Rock on egg tempera and gesso-making is what I say. May your ambition be pavoninely overweening and your achievement always surpass it by a feather's edge ... I am pretty sure it will.

    Meanwhile I am sure you must have some interesting fungi coming up where you are. I saw a group of gargantuan fly agaric earlier in the week -- sadly, I was passing in the car so didn't get a chance to record them.

  2. Thank you for the lovely words, Katharine. It is such a pleasure to share my learning journey.

    I am not at all up on the local fungi but last weekend I did notice quite a few popping out. I'd wanted to get back to them for photos and samples but work and weather precluded my return. I wonder if there are still fruits? I must check back.