Monday, September 20, 2010

Zorn Palette

My recent palette is very close to the Zorn Palette of Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red Medium (originally vermillion), Ivory Black plus White--in oil, that is. Perhaps sometime I can gain an introduction to oils with such a palette. I'm a bit tuckered out this evening so there probably won't be any work on the painting. More tomorrow on that.

But before leaving this subject... It seems that color can be drawn out by working against the complementary. My painting red background seems to open up the greens (see Gretchen's comment from my previous post for affirmation). I found an example where the artist used an orange of Yellow Ochre and Cad Red Light against a medium black (gray) that looked absolutely blue. Of course, every example I find does use oils and the mixing with white seems to offer many more color opportunities.

Oh, if anyone is interested... Natural Pigments (NP) is changing the packaging of their watercolor tubes and offering all in stock 20ml tubes at 50% off. This promotional code--wc50off--is good for ten days. I can't see that this offer is stated on their website. I found out through their newsletter and tweet and would be glad to forward it along. I just retweeted it for my followers. My very first retweet! (Retweet...sounds like Elmer Fudd in a losing battle.)

Here's my order. Prices listed are full price. I've been considering ordering some of these pigments for my own paint making and this is a great opportunity to easily sample at a good price.

Item 1
Product ID: 850-207
Product Name: Celadonite (Green Earth)
Product Price: $12.95
Quantity: 1

Item 2
Product ID: 850-103
Product Name: Lazurite (Lapis Lazuli)
Product Price: $28.50
Quantity: 1

Item 3
Product ID: 850-306
Product Name: Lemon Ocher
Product Price: $8.95
Quantity: 1

Item 4
Product ID: 850-204
Product Name: Malachite
Product Price: $18.95
Quantity: 1

Item 5
Product ID: 850-401
Product Name: Orange Ocher
Product Price: $8.95
Quantity: 1

Item 6
Product ID: 850-701
Product Name: Violet Hematite
Product Price: $9.95
Quantity: 1


  1. My mouth is watering ... have just taken the time to read through your order properly. Lazurite, malachite, celadonite, 'violet hematite' even! Wonderfully evocative names. The first two I know as 'ultramarine blue' and 'ultramarine green' ... not (as I'd previously supposed) because they were even bluer and greener than the Mediterranean Sea but because they are 'outremer' or from 'beyond the sea' ... all the way from Afghanistan in the case of the lapis lazuli. I have a little tube of lazurite which my aunt bought me for my 21st birthday and it is still going. It mixes like a dream and is the most perfect glittering mysterious blue ... if you don't fall in love with the colour and its properties I'll be very surprised.

    Eagerly awaiting these marvels upon the screen. I LOVE the 21st century.

  2. Indeed, Katharine, I couldn't be more excited! I have plans for mulling my own of these pigments and really wanted to see the experts' products first. More very soon...

    That is a lovely story of your birthday paint! :-)