Thursday, September 23, 2010

Additions for the Library

Here is my introductory title into oils. I am still teasing about the idea of trying my hand with this medium. In the meantime, I will simply collect a few more fascinating reads. Does anyone have any oils favorites?

A probably long overdue addition, I understand that this is the bible.


  1. Yay! Ralph Mayer. He is the Metatron for all materials artistic.

    I shall be very interested in your oil-painting forays, teasing or not! It's a medium I don't know enough about at all.

  2. Oh, there is so much for this late starter to learn. What a wonderfully exciting time! :-)

  3. Same here... I don't know much about oils, either. Ralphie's da man! I bought my own copy back in the 70s- third edition; I still use it!
    ~ gretchen

  4. Well, I guess the votes are in! :-) Time to start reading...