Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cloudy Experiments

I have this lovely mental image of rich and stormy clouds with a setting sun burning through, all this taking place on the lake. Well, there's imagery, and then there's execution... :-)

But the real intent any way was to explore what happens to grays juxtaposed with orange, using that same limited palette. Well, maybe those grays pull a bit towards blue but I expected stronger results. I'm going to sleep on this...


  1. These remind me so much of the work of Charles Burchfield:
    Check out google images for more of his watercolors; there are some that look like he used the same limited palette as you have used here!
    ~ gretchen

  2. On a bus back home the other day I caught side of a cloudy sunset in which a huge cumulonimbus was internally illuminated by an infernal red glow. The resulting colour was indescribable. Between the lights and darks and oranges and purples, the best I could conclude was that it was a beige sort of middling cadmium lilac. But looking at the smoky orange you have between clouds here I think it may be that ...

  3. Thanks for the references, Gretchen. He was one interesting gentleman. Handprint has a wonderful article:

    His b/w trees remind me of nearby ancient locusts.

  4. I so struggled with my attempts at clouds. Later in the evening I realized that I had never "seen" clouds. How often do I look at my surroundings without really seeing... I will now be seen simply looking up, with and without a camera. :-)