Monday, September 6, 2010

Crabapple and Colored Pencil Continued

Here is one of a few dried leaves I picked from my crabapple tree. Lots of colors used, from yellow, orange, red, browns, and a it of green. I found Dark Indigo #157 pleasing for shadows.

I have only twenty pencils, the ones recommended in Wendy Hollender's books, so it took a bit of mixing to get the range of color. Earlier today I read in her more recent book that she finds that beginners often lose form achieved with tonal range as they get overwhelmed with color. I can certainly validate by this desaturated copy of the image above. I'm thinking that by achieving a wide tonal range with color that I can get my images to pop.

Here is yesterday's sketch in b/w, perhaps a bit more contrast that today's.

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