Friday, September 17, 2010

Minerals on Paper

Here's a little illustration of mineral mixes to date--both the Carolina earths and Rublev minerals.

I tried mixing yellow with black, looking for possible greens. Although subdued, I think I got some! I also wanted to try out the charcoal as an alternative to ink washes. And over there to the right, I tried a bit of glazing.

Moving down the paper, there are the Carolinas to the left and a wet in wet with the yellow and black in the middle. Wrapping up is some Rublev Indian Red with black--I was trying to pull in some violets. Well maybe, with a bit of imagination. ;-)

You know, it was such a cool feeling squeezing out bits of yellow and black, appreciating the downright perfect degree of wetness with a finely smooth consistency. I've been perusing the Natural Pigments catalog, making tentative pigment selections and eyeing the empty pans for filling and a palette case to hold them.

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