Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swamp Rose

I found a small wild rose bush on Sunday. Only thing is that evening when I looked to Peterson's for an ID, I discovered that five rose species all looked quite similar and that my pictures couldn't help me. Monday I revisited this little plant, mindful of the identifying characteristics. I sat down next to my friend and spent some time simply looking before using the camera--by then, I already knew that this was indeed the Swamp Rose, Rosa palustris.

Swamp Rose has an affinity for water and this bush grows on a slope just feet from the lake's shore.

Compared with other wild roses, the Swamp Rose will often have more than three leaves to a twig and hook-like thorns. The presence of narrow stipules (sheath-like growths) just before the leaves finalize this id.


  1. Beautiful! I particularly like image #7 .
    I'm finding shinleaf and swamp candles now, and either sheep or bog laurel along our cove- I have never been to sure about my ID on this particular laurel but it is lovely none the less.

  2. Thanks! I'll have to look those up.

    Today I revisted the Connecticut Botanical Society's web site as they have a nice online section on flowers by color. I think it'll help me with IDs.