Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monarch Butterfly

The Monarch Butterfly is known for its intimate relation with the Milkweed and a few have recently been floating around those plants. I've found the secret to photographing these active little critters--stand still and they will comply in their own time. Efforts to chase down the shot leave me without results and looking darned silly! :-)

My sister called last year from Nebraska in awe with word that the trees were absolutely covered with the migration resting while on its way to Mexico.

I thought I'd add a couple of extras to today's post. Here's a recent look at one of the Wood Sower Galls we viewed in an earlier entry. It looks like this marshmallow has seen its better days.

And here's a little bunny who posed for me before ducking into the brush.


  1. Huh... I haven't seen one single solitary monarch butterfly yet this season, only swallowtails and not too many of those, either. And yet ever hopeful, I still check the milkweed for caterpillars and or chrysalis. Perhaps our wet cool summer has had something to do with it? I can only imagine the sight of trees covered with migrating butterflies!
    Incredible cottontail shot- I still don't see any bunnies around here, only the evidence of snowshoe hare in the winter months.
    But we do have a doe who has literally taken up residence in our woods. She is so comfortable with us that she will lay down for her naps only feet away- and even my dog does not upset her- they show great interest in each other- if they touch noses before summer's end I won't be surprised. She does not appear ill- on the contrary- she is bright eyed and playful; and extremely well fed as my poor flowers have suffered the brunt of her 'dessert' loving ways. We have not encouraged this behavior, nor do we feed her- this is all her doing!

  2. Wow, your very own deer. Hey, I'll trade you a monarch and a bunny... :-)

    It sounds almost magical the way this creature has taken to you. I wonder if she will become a lifelong friend?

    The rabbits are growing. Not that very long ago, one could hold the cutest little bunny in the palm of one's hand. I'd say that on average they are now half their full size--and have become quite wary.

    Very few squirrels this year. I guess there's a correlation with cyclical food sources like acorns. There's a good post in there somewhere.