Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've been pondering my blog's format--that is, the usual single new species a day. I've run into times when new material runs scarce and then I fret. And yet, at other times I am perfectly comfortable to present a series or an excursion rather than a dedicated species post.

And occasionally, I ask if this is all really a photo blog. Sometimes the photos are illustrative of the species and the supporting text reflects that, but there are times that I try for an artistic representation and like to supplement with poetry.

So am I between a rock and a hard place?

Not at all. I just have to stay open to the possibilities as I wonder where I'm going.

Thanks, dear reader, for listening. :-)


  1. I recognized myself in your post today- when i first started keeping journals, I dreamed of someday seeing my bookshelves lined with beautiful volumes, with perfectly matching hand bound spines, all carefully labeled and color coordinated. I was even more determined to have the content conform to my rigid dreams: I got upset when I missed an entry, or forgot to include something that to then include would make my pages be out of order-or worse, when I screwed up an illustration, and wrestled with ripping the page out entirely. My journals actually were causing me stress! I couldn't figure out how monks of old could produce such works as the Book of Kells with such perfection- surely they misspelled things or ruined a water color. I finally realized that they created each page individually, and then bound them together into book form AFTER! I immediately changed my format over to 3 ring binders and haven't looked back. The freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want and however I want is so liberating! It re-ignited my creativity and journals became more vibrant and best of all, FUN!
    Embrace everything on your blog- don't try to stick to a rigid format- and you will never loose the magic!

  2. Oh, thank you, Gretchen! :-)

    Self-imposed rigidity... hmm... I will think more about this...

    I'm also thinking maybe a small project spawned from the blog could be satisfying--a few printed and framed photos could be nice. I was recently given some very good advice that I might work from a theme or series based set of photos. Hmm... again! ;-)

    In the meantime, tomorrow's post on a new species is complete and scheduled. There's lots more to work through. The beat goes on!