Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mushrooms and a Movie

Nope, not a new treat at the local cinema! :-)

Perhaps it's been all the rain, I don't know, but in the past few days, mushrooms have been popping up all around the lake. And if that's not enough, they all seem to be different species. Without a few good manuals, I'm at a total loss for identification.

I couple of posts back, mention was made of naming water's surfaces. Although still and perhaps forever to remain unnamed, we can still look and listen. From my favorite spot with my new favorite camera...


  1. Cool! Love the little video! And as for the mushrooms, I gave up trying to ID them long ago- I find that my audubon field guide to mushrooms makes a very nice paperweight! They are extremely difficult to ID-sometimes you have to smell or taste them ( I'm not brave enough)-and /or even make a spore print. It is a challenge, for sure. Every once in awhile I get lucky, but the vast majority of my mushroom/fungus photos remain uncaptioned except for the date and location.
    As for the deer, despite the fact that they are in my flower gardens non-stop, even bold enough to come right up to the deck and nibble plants while we sit there within feet of them, when ever I see them I am in quiet awe...
    Looks like we might actually have a full day of sun today?!? enjoy!

  2. I'm just now getting my feet wet with the video aspects---tooling up with editing and compression software, checking out external mics, studying online tutorials, etc... Love the toys! :-)

    I'd recently downloaded a cool little mushroom id book, another of those older pd publications. I simply cannot find it anywhere on this laptop but I'll keep looking. I'm sure it would have supplied some interesting quotes.

    I didn't realize how difficult ids could be here. Hmm... I wonder if I can find some local sources that limit the choices?

    I almost never see deer although I often see their tracks. Yours sound so tame. I was surprised how close these let me come in but perhaps it is rather common.

    What? More sun? :-) Yesterday I made it all the way to the back of the lake, but I did carry large freezer bags in my back pocket in case my equipment needed quick protection. It's rather windy again today--that takes macro work right off the table. And as it's so bright today, I think I'll head out with the big, slow telephoto.