Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Adobe Surprise

I've been reviewing video editing software, just something to get me started in the $100 range.

I really like Adobe software. Photoshop, Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, InDesign--all cool products. I recently began using LiveCycle for pdf form design on a work project and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

That's why I was so surprised while testing out a 30-day trial of Adobe Premiere Elements that the software performed abysmally. It was nearly impossible to run this application for more than a few minutes without it hanging or quitting unrepentantly. I've read that there are folks for whom the software works just fine, but most people have experiences similar to mine.

I have a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro Pack on its way. The trial worked fine here, the feature set is comparable to Premiere Elements, and the reviews are positive.

One other thing, for those interested in software and working with the Canon 5d Mk ii... The movie files right off the camera play with jitters no matter the hosting software. I'm now using Cineform's Neoscene compression software with excellent results. Smooth without frame jumping. Nice stuff, but not without the intermediary compression step between movie file download into Bridge and use by the editing software.

More later as I explore this camera/compressor/editor system.

Oh! And lastly, I thought I'd hang onto the 50d as a backup camera but I've fallen in love with the 5d and there's no going back. Today I sold the 50d to a good home. :-)

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