Saturday, July 4, 2009


I was on my way home from my second short excursion of the day when I spied these deer way out at the far end of a field. I had no cover as I continued to shoot and advance. Wish I had the big telephoto with me this evening...

Deer Wisdom

I love the way the doe knows how to go
through the tall brambles: She ambles
her hips first to one side,
then another; tosses her nose high
to sniff the trails of air; and
proffers only a passing glance to
the chickadee on his slanted
branch. She knows the way;
she knows the turn of a hoof print
here, to the right of the wild rose brier;
there, past the tip of the raspberry twig;
she knows the sun even before
his fine arced dome appears
on the eastern horizon, and
she goes that way,
into the still of the dew
into the hills of the morning
in through that path between the thorns
that is so hard for us to see.

--Pat Campbell Carlson.

Carlson, Pat Campbell. Web. Google Search. "Deer Poem". 3 Jul 2009.

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