Sunday, July 12, 2009


I got in plenty of practice shooting white flowers to get these exposures! :-) The term "blown out highlights" became oh so well known to me.

An excerpt from The Elderbush:

The little boy lay in his bed; he did not know if he had dreamed or
not, or if he had been listening while someone told him the story. The
tea-pot was standing on the table, but no Elder Tree was growing out
of it! And the old man, who had been talking, was just on the point of
going out at the door, and he did go.

"How splendid that was!" said the little boy. "Mother, I have been to
warm countries."

"So I should think," said his mother. "When one has drunk two good
cupfuls of Elder-flower tea, 'tis likely enough one goes into warm
climates"; and she tucked him up nicely, least he should take cold. "You
have had a good sleep while I have been sitting here, and arguing with
him whether it was a story or a fairy tale."

"And where is old Nanny?" asked the little boy.

"In the tea-pot," said his mother; "and there she may remain."

-Hans Christian Andersen

Here is a really fantastic article on Elder with even a recipe for Elder Fritters. The Hermitage is so touchingly beautiful to me.

Andersen's Fairy Tales. Hans Christian Andersen. Gutenberg EBook Posting Date: October 10, 2008 [EBook #1597] 4 Jul 2009.


  1. WOW! What a wonderful post! Just yesterday I too, photo'd elderberry blossoms to put into my journal (and battled the pain of blown highlights!). It is so much fun to see how others interpret the same blossoms through their lenses (and words).
    Fantastic quote choice- and I have loved the Hermitage for a long time as well- what a magical world she has created and luckily for us has shared. She recently visited another artist I admire and the event was posted on her blog "Middle of Nowhere". Check it out here:
    You'll need to scroll down a few posts to get to it. enjoy!

  2. Thanks, for everything! :-)

    Her polar bears are so cute!