Friday, May 22, 2009

Yellow Iris

The discoveries and surprises are never ending. I've paid little mind to those green leaves growing out of the water at the shoreline, that is, until today when I noticed a bit of yellow. I got as close as I could without getting wet but the shots weren't satisfying so I figured I'd come back later in the day with the telephoto. But as I made my way around the lake, I came upon masses of flowering Yellow Iris, Iris pseudacorus.

From a spot at the furthest point of my lake trips...

I disturbed this family. Count 'em! Seven little ones! I have noticed many families with dwindling counts of goslings. In fact, I think some are now sadly without any at all. How do some pairs lose all their children while others seem to still have a full complement?


  1. Beautiful irises... ours are on the verge of blooming any day now!
    Not sure if your question about the little goslings is rhetorical or not, but sadly, more than a few meet their fate in our cove by succumbing to the jaws of snapping turtles. Makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it, but that's just nature at work.
    SO lets just think happy thoughts! Your little goose family is adorable-may they all go on to grow big and strong!

  2. Ya, I figure on snappers here too. Not sure about birds of prey. But, I do wonder if some parents are simply more on the ball with their kids?

    This is my first year observing their behavior, but it seems that as the goslings grow, the parents become less protective at the shoreline. Yesterday a family came right up to the beach with me close by! It's all so interesting...

    Yes indeed, happy thoughts! :-)