Monday, May 18, 2009

Will the real cinnamon fern please...

Ah well, mistakes do happen. The recent posting on the cinnamon fern has been uncovered as an impostor! Here is the real Cinnamon Fern, Osmunda cinnamomea. The mistaken fern, although still in the genus Osmunda, is really the Royal Fern, O. regalis.

The clearing up of this mix up would not have been possible without Peterson's Ferns of Northeastern and Central North America. A Google Book did the trick and now this book is soon to belong in my library. I always thought I was mixing the two species into one but didn't have the detailed information to prove it. Now I feel better.

I have a few spots around the lake where I like to relax and let the shots come to me. Often times, that'd be grackles, by the way coming up later this week--they like poking around close to water.

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