Friday, May 15, 2009

Royal Fern

There's something about ferns that draws me in. Maybe it's how they fiddlehead up into full-sailed masts.

Or how they do so well standing in water.

Or that they have been around since prehistoric time.

Whatever. I probably have more shots of ferns than any other subject. As I improve my identifications and better understand their life cycles, I'd like to do up a fuller length article--something outside the blog format.

Besides a fuller length piece, I've had the intent to put together a few online galleries. All this stuff needs a dedicated launch point, something that's coming slowly. But until then, the beat goes on, so here's my first experimental gallery.


  1. lovely detail! just catching up with your blog.. more soon Val

  2. Thanks, Val! :-)

    Ferns are just so cool...