Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I suppose I must have been about to step on this little one, as I heard directly in front of me a squeal and then a splash. This American Bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana, was then content to hang out in a puddle across the dirt road.

The Green Frog has a similar appearance to our friend here, but the distinguishing characteristic is the dorsolateral fold. See that ridge that starts right behind the eye and curves down around the ear? (It's a bit hard to discern because the turn down begins right at the water's edge.) That's the Bullfrog fold. The Green Frog's fold will continue on straight back with no curving at all.

The photos in this series are from my trip down the magenta route. See here for an area map. I think I'll need better naming for my routes...

The last time down here, quite some years ago, this was an open road!

Here the road to the lake takes us to the shoreline.

And the view from shore... Somewhere along that shoreline is the inlet to the Town River. I've been down that river only once and that was during a Spring thaw. The current was strong, the water freezing--a dangerous state, so I didn't pursue. Perhaps this summer...


  1. It is so good that you also post photos of the landscape. It gives us a real feel for your total environment which is so intertwined with every living thing. I sometimes forget to simply look up- and am always so surprised how my scope broadens with such tiny turn of my head!
    I have certain views that I photograph over and over from the same spot; it's interesting to watch the seasonal progressions.
    I too, name my routes- but I'll bet that this will always be the 'magenta route' from now on- funny how that works- one walk I have is called Goofy Grape Trail because of a boulder I thought looked like that Goofy Grape fruit character from the Funny Face drink mixes we had as kids-(uh oh, dating myself here!). The name has stuck and other people even use it now!!

  2. Gretchen, thank you for that great insight regarding surroundings. I do collect a good many wide angle lake and forest shots so I'll include them more often. In fact, I just updated a couple of scheduled posts.

    I like the Goofy Grape Trail! :-) Haha!!!

    Hmm...I think the Funny Face era was in my later years... I was a CoolAid kid! Now that's dating myself. :-)