Sunday, May 10, 2009


Most of us have heard of software bugs. They're certainly making their presence known around here this weekend, but more on that later. First, here are a couple of species of natural bugs.

There are about five hundred known species of Gerridae, commonly known as Water Striders. Our little friend here, let's call her Gerri, has very, very fine hairs on her legs, so fine that they create a water barrier. And speaking of legs, she really has six of them. Those little things in the front that look like feelers? Yep, they're legs too. Gerri was moving in spurts, making her a real challenge to photo while I balanced on rocks in the water.

It's amazing what I run across when I simply sit and look around--that is in comparison to trekking along for miles. On plants growing up out of the water near the shoreline I found a bunch of these beetles, species unknown. They appear to be feasting on the plants and mating up a storm. Rather party animals, aren't they?

Okay, now for my bugs. After noticing yesterday that hard drive space was frighteningly low, I decided to jump over to my desktop system. It was originally set up as a software-based music studio that fell into disuse when I joined a band. I wiped out all the music files, leaving about 500 GB free for photos. Excellent! That will keep me going for some time. Only thing is that my Photoshop upgrade absolutely refuses to accept my serial numbers for Elements. This stuff can drive me screaming nuts.

So, for now I'll run Photoshop in demo mode--I have thirty days to resolve this with Adobe. And at this moment, my little external hard drive that I use to back up all my photos and blog archives from my laptop is diligently uploading all to the new Nuncketest processing home.

So, it ain't pretty, but it'll work for now, and that's all that counts. No downtime!

And in closing, to my readers who are mothers, here's wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I love wisteria- beautiful pics on yesterdays post!
    Funny, but yesterday I too was noticing bugs- in particular some beetley like ones (they looked like colorful yellow potato bugs- but not quite like yours) that were also pig piling on each other (mating?) on the blossoms of the hobblebush viburnum I was trying to photograph. Speaking of bugs- photographing at this time of year esp. in the woods isn't easy while wearing a head net to keep the blackflies off of me!
    Keeping still sometimes opens a whole new world. When my dog decides she wants to dig a hole- I'm held captive as she's on a leash; but it forces me to really look hard at my surroundings and some of my best "finds" have been because of her!
    And lastly, I do feel your pain re: computers- what a love hate relationship they bring to our lives, eh? My four letter word vocabulary has increased ten fold. I am not proud of myself. But then I see my photos and how happy they make me and I'm right back at it!

  2. Wrapping up some loose ends on the computer fiasco here--then I can get down to posting. I usually have a few posts scheduled out with more in progress. Right now the cupboard is bare!

    No black flies down this way. Amen to that. I remember a weekend years ago when I camped out with some friends near a pond (can't remember the name) in NH for trout fishing. Lots of little smoky fires around us was the only way we survived.

  3. And a good name at that! They sure do dart about...