Sunday, May 24, 2009

Avian Reruns

It's not that I don't have a plethora of new species in the wings, but it's so exciting when I capture a new bird, especially one I have never seen before. is a segue to tomorrow's star, and it gives me an opportunity to share a few recent favorites of mine.

Mother Robin is collecting seeds for her brood...

A little Yellow Warbler was close by while I captured tomorrow's post...

And this character, well, the Nuthatch is one of my faves. I like how it wanders up and down branches in search of bugs as it peeps quietly, like it's humming contentedly while it works.


  1. You seem to have captured each bird's unique personality- from the motherly robin to the acrobatic nuthatch- I assume you were pointing your lens straight up the trunk of the tree for those shots? Great perspective! The yellow warbler would have made it onto my my own
    'first sighting" list had I seen it myself- can't wait to see what your bird will be tomorrow!

  2. If I well remember, the nuthatch was a near 45 degree angle-up shot of a tree leaning a bit down the slope to water's edge. Ya, I really liked getting the little one straight on. They are so darned cute!

    But you must have precognitive ability, because tomorrow's shots are indeed straight up. (And my own precog tells me that you are already quite familiar with tomorrow's species.)