Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Out On A Limb

I visit this tree on almost every walk. I have to because I have that funny feeling I get when I think I've misidentified something. I trust my intuition.

So okay, I called this a Sugar Maple some time ago. Now I am quite sure it's an American Elm. It's a small one and it's throwing seeds like crazy.

As I gazed into its branches looking for clues, seeing a chipmunk in a tree just didn't register. I am rather pleased to think that within seconds I was shooting relentlessly. No matter that it just didn't make sense, it was still really happening!

My little friend was so intent on its meal that it never even knew I was six feet away. It wasn't until I curved around for another angle, moving about five feet or so, that it finally realized that it had company. By that time, I had about twenty shots so I moved away to let the feast continue.

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