Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Song Sparrow

It wasn't until tonight that I could identify by name the Song Sparrow, Melospiza melodia. It's the streaked chest with a centered dot that makes for a good ID.

This rather common bird is known for its persistent singing. I'm sure I've heard it many times but never attributed it to our little friend here. I wonder about how often I might gloss over my natural world, and yet, I think I'm coming around to greater appreciation.

As you can see here, the Song Sparrow is a ground forager. Behavior is so curious and unique. For instance, I cannot remember seeing titmice and chickadees on the ground--always on the feeder or in the trees. I'll be paying more attention.

I try to mask the technical details but I do have to mention some recent picture quality. I don't have a long enough telephoto for these little birds and I need to work on exposure with all this snow. This means that I'm doing extensive cropping and recovery, especially with this shot. I have my eye on a fantastic quality telephoto zoom. I'll have it soon enough, once I get over the price tag!

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