Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Returns

What a difference a week makes! This is the same location as the previous post (photographed on Dec 28th) a week later (shot today).

And here's a more expansive view from the same location.
And lastly, here are a couple of my daily visitors. Well, almost daily. After the last storm they didn't come around for a day--there were no tracks in the eight inches of snow with single degree temperatures. Eastern Grey Squirrels, Sciurus carolinensis. Each day they receive a few handfuls of peanuts that help to keep them occupied and off the feeders. Well, kinda sorta any way.


  1. ..super photos John!!I do like to see photos taken from the same spot in different seasons and weather conditions. I did a few one year in the it would all get too monotonous. And the squirrels are endlessly charmimg. I know they are naughty but they do make you smile. I thought they were a different variety here, as they look much slimmer but it seems they need to wear less insulation, just like the rest of us.

  2. Thanks, Val!

    I'm so looking forward to spring when all my discoveries begin to flower and bud out. I do hope that the pace is staggered so I can leisurely photograph each as it displays. Well, I can hope for that any way, right? :-)

    Yes, my squirrels are in their best winter coats and of course their bellies are quite full as well. Speaking of bellies, mating season begins soon!