Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Here's an American Goldfinch, Carduelis tristis. This coloration seems to indicate the female. The male will have a mellow yellow (sorry, couldn't resist...) head in the winter. Come spring, both genders go through a molt to more intense yellow plumage, especially the male. This is the only specie to molt in spring as well as in the fall.

I used to put out special thistle feeders to attract the Goldfinch but have since found that they enjoy sunflower seeds just as well.

I must take a turn from the usual banter of flaura and fauna to mention friends.

Firstly, here's a shout out to George and Sandra, vacationing in Puerto Rico but taking the blog with them. George assured me that his new iPhone was suitably set up to get his daily dose of Nuncketest. Happy vacationing, guys!

And, a particular and warm greeting to you, Val, for all your kindness and encouragement with my blogging endeavor.

I hope you folks are enjoying your warm climates--it's awfully cold up this way!

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