Sunday, January 22, 2012


The seed order arrived last week. Later I'll be starting these for container planting on the deck and expect as well a small herb bed for the perenials. The thyme and lavender are special winter-hardy species. Years ago I had a thyme patch that would take nearly half the growing season to completely recover from the previous winter so I'm hoping for a hardier herb.

The lavender is specifically for the bees--in fact all these herbs are bee friendly. My yard is already rather hospitable for bee, bird and mammal but there's always room for more, isn't there? :-)

Rosemary, Lavender, Sage, Basil, Thyme, Tomato

For the record, yesterday was Second Snow. Will we be making up for Winter's tropical beginnings?


  1. Glad to see someone doing something about the dwindling population of bees... not many people realize the IMPORTANCE they play in OUR lives!
    Thank you.

  2. Please excuse my silence of late- tending to elderly parental health issues at the moment has allowed only the time to take peeks at your blog but not to write thoughtful comments.
    Despite our being far north of you, we too are still suffering from lack of snow; only a few inches at best on the ground and even today, the snow that is predicted is supposed to turn to rain by this evening.
    SO happy to hear that you are able to bring music back into your life- I hope you have a blast with your new keyboard! And grinding your own linseed oil, too? Maybe you should plant a bit of flax* in your herb garden- while I don't think you could ever plant enough to gather the number of seeds needed to actually press, the heavenly shade of blue of the tiny flax flower alone is worth the effort. ooh! How about this: grow some flax, make some linseed oil from the seeds then process the plant into linen, weave your own canvas and then paint a botanical of the flax plant using your own linseed oil, handground pigments and handwoven linen canvas. I know, I know - too over the top- this is what happens when I'm away too long. stop. me. now. ... So when does the loom arrive? :-))
    And for Jason (above commenter), make sure he checks out the blog of "our" Val Littlewood, "The BEE Lady":

    ~ good to 'bee' back,
    * not sure that flax would lend itself to container gardening though- mine always grew quite tall, between 2-3 ft- and the plants are spindly by nature, growing best in a patch where they can use each other as support.

  3. Thanks, Jason! Imagine if everyone put out just one plant for the bees! Be sure to see Gretchen's comment, especially where she mentions the wonderful work of Val Littlewood.

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear about parental illness, Gretchen. I did wonder if that was going on.

    Oh my, a loom? I have followed the exact same pathway in my mind! Looked at flax seed, and a loom! :-)

    The Hammond is such a pleasure. I'm getting lost for hours at a time.

    Overnight rain in the 40's expected here could wash away the snow. Just when I thought winter was going to lock in.