Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Gesso

Here is the refrigerated leftover from my previous gesso session, fresh out of the fridge.

After adding a bit of distilled water and warming the mix over warm water in a double boiler arrangement, the gesso was a lighter consistency than last time. As the temperature dropped off, the gesso began to set up--at some point becoming too thick to brush. I was just playing, searching out the limits of this medium.

For finishing I didn't bother with the scraper, instead going straight to the 400 grit paper. I found the paper loading quickly as the gesso, although dry to touch, was still a bit wet. Increased drying with a hairdryer helped as did switching to a sanding block. A couple of slaps and it's clear of sanding debris.

I will let this board dry overnight before final sanding with 400 and then 600 grit paper.

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