Monday, January 30, 2012

Colored Pencil

This first week is about increasing familiarity with graphite, colored pencil and ink. A basic chart of my Prismacolors, the beginnings of a primary color wheel and a greens chart have kept me busy.

I'll admit it. I don't get very excited over colored pencils. Still, I had fun mixing colors. The greens chart is about columns over rows, four layers. The layering reminds of egg tempera and this chart may come in handy when I get back to that medium.

I can see how the choice of support makes a huge difference. This Stonehenge paper has a tooth that doesn't fill easily, leaving lots of white space. I'm reading that watercolor or vellum papers work well for colored pencil.


  1. Funny how different mediums just "call" to us- I absolutely adore working in coloerd pencil; but paper surface really does matter big time; I love the smooth surface of hot press papers. One can achieve incredible photo-realism with colord pencil (at the cost of alot of time spent burnishing and nursing an aching wrist afterwards) but I actually prefer the look of the sketchy, lighter handed approach. Despite the off-putting yellowish tint, the plate surfaced paper found in the molskine "sketchbook" (lavender label) is one of my all time favorite surfaces for colored pencil.
    ~ gretchen

  2. Thank you for this! There is to be more work in colored pencil and I will try hot-pressed. While dealing with the mountains and ravines of Stonehenge I did think about trying other papers but HP didn't come to mind. I now remember that in my last botanical class that the instructor mentioned HP as a good support for graphite. Let's see if I grumble less with a nice sheet of Artistico! :-)