Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Plans

Last year at this time I laid out a few goals and luckily hit them all. So in the spirit of New Years, here are this year's intentions:

A portrait of Timothy. He has the most lovely green eyes--green earths in egg tempera seem just right here.

A piece for NESBA's exhibit at the Boston Flower Show.

Koo has lots of egg tempera workshops scheduled for this year. My tentative plans are for two weeks in September at her New Hampshire studio.

Linseed oil processing along with oil medium and egg-oil emulsion explorations.

Continuation of old master copy work. I'd like to add in some early Italian Renaissance masters.

Meld art work with around the lake studies. 

Charles Bargue drawing course.

Tonal studies as detailed in

Cornell online botanical illustration course.

Musical adventures.

A method of keeping track of these goals as well as home projects slated for this year.

Well, that about does it. Some of these items might sound a bit cryptic but will soon unfold.

Thank you, dear, dear reader, for your support and friendship via comments, emails, phone calls and in person discussions. You inspire me.

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