Saturday, January 7, 2012

Around the Lake

Today was windy, sunny and warm--Boston a few degrees shy of the 1930 record of 63º F.


  1. I know! Amazing isn't it? We have no snow on the ground up here either! Downright balmy yesterday. The ski industry is suffering greatly around these parts, affecting everything from restaurants to B&Bs. Wonder what it will mean for our maple sugaring season, esp. as so many of my neighbors (and people all over New England) depend greatly on that to supplement their income- the very same people who have seen their other sources of seasonal income dry up, from snow plowing to selling cordwood. In two weeks, our village will be doing its annual ice cutting from our lake ( the ice blocks are stored in an old fashioned ice house and are used through out the summer for the town's events). I'm wondering of the ice will even be thick enough to venture out on, let alone cut. A strange winter indeed!
    ~ gretchen

  2. And no change in sight. Predictions call for above freezing temps even through the nights for the middle of this week. I plowed snow back in the '70's, calling that "pennies from heaven."

    Warm days and a low sun make for fine photo opportunities. Long warm shadows and backlit subjects are easy to come by.

    It can't last! There's bound to be a day of reckoning here. Warm up the shovel! :-)