Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Although quiet on the blog, there are developments coming together.

Finally, after weeks of pondering and decisions, I'll soon have a new keyboard. On and off for years I've worked with general purpose machines--those with piano, organ, brass, strings, synth, voice, and more. My new instrument is a Hammond XK-3c, a close electronic clone of the Hammond B-3. I couldn't be more excited! Long time readers may remember that I dropped out of band when time became cramped. Well, I'm back with a new kick ass band. Two of the members are from a band we had back in the 70's! Moving to this new keyboard is an experiment in focusing intently on a particular instrument. I expect the new keys by the end of the week.

I'm collecting materials for hand processing linseed oil, as I read and reread instructions provided by Tad Spurgeon in his book and on his website. Tad has been most helpful, quickly answering my questions in depth. At this point, I know what I need. I'm used to "we're out of canning jars" as I wonder where to buy swimming pool filter sand. Snow shovels come easier than these summertime supplies.

Work on the rhody continues, albeit spotty. Lately I do spend time simply looking, learning what might be next steps. I know I want to kick back the saturation on the leaves and stay on the warm side. With light glazes, I am heading in that direction but there's nothing significant so show. Funny how that works out. Sometimes I can work for an hour and the painting shows huge changes. Other times, after hours of detail on lots of little things, there is not much apparent change but I feel good about cleaning up those loose ends.

And that's that! More soon! :-)

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