Friday, June 10, 2011

Vesica Piscis and Saint Mary's Church - Part 2

Quoting and including an image from the Wikipedia article on Vesica Piscis:
"The vesica piscis is a shape which is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other."

Vesica Piscis - Wikipedia

"The mathematical ratio of the width of the vesica piscis to its height is the square root of 3."

Here's a technical drawing I put together as a bridge between the illustration above and the worked over scanned image below. Notice here that the succeeding arcs all build upon the same point (either A or B). On the innermost arcs I let them continue lightly to complete a full vesica piscis.

Now that we have established the mechanics, lets apply this to the main entrance of Saint Mary's Church. To better illustrate I have allowed the arcs to continue all around  and darkened the middle arc area. It's all quite on the mark. Sacred geometry at work.

These past few days of visiting and photographing the church and drawing and studying this aspect of sacred geometry has left me sensitive to curves. I begin to notice curves everywhere. Squared off doors and windows of "regular" buildings feel plain and disappointing.


  1. Stupendous premise... execution, inspiration, and subject matter on your blog, friend. Gosh, I'm thrilled to have found it. Thanks for checking out Brand of Make Believe, BTW. I look forward to looking over more of you Lake of Red Waters, and thoughts of profundity.
    Andy Coffey, Bloomington, Indiana

  2. Thats fascinating John!.. I am just about to go up to the village church to take a look..

  3. Add another circle to the mix and we have the "Holy Trinity"...
    It is almost incomprehensible to grasp the scope of how sacred geometry has formed (and continues to form) our world, natural and man made.
    ~ gretchen

  4. Oh! and think about this: visualize the three intersecting circles of the Holy Trinity et voila! you have the basic primary color wheel, from which all the colors of the universe are made!
    ~ gretchen

  5. Thank you all so much for sharing in my discoveries and excitement! This is a truly fascinating subject and there is more to come.