Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Egg Tempera III

This morning Koo talked about portrait painting--pigments and mixes for flesh colors. Although I'm not painting a portrait, I still need to render form with my egg. Koo showed me how to apply light layers of green earth for coolness in the half tones.

Today I got in plenty of painting. I went through cycles of messing up and recovering the background. Later I stenciled in the egg and applied form. Before leaving, I dropped in a start on the stone.

Once again I forgot my notes! Got all kinds of carried away painting and didn't think to snap a photo.

This evening I'm reading Egg Tempera Painting, A Comprehensive Guide to Painting in Egg Tempera by Koo Schadler. It dovetails beautifully with this week's workshop. For anyone interested in egg tempera, it's a must have.

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