Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Master Design V

Our last day started with a discussion of sacred geometry. Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Series, and Armatures (Golden Spiral and Bouleau). We learned to build a Golden Rectangle and a Root Rectangle with calculator, proportion wheel, and geometry. We also learned to build Golden Spirals. We built a Bouleau Armature and laid it over an Old Master painting, testing for applicability. My example didn't show much correlation but others' did. I'm leaving out all the details but perhaps later I'll get to some.

Koo encouraged us to become familiar with the characteristics of our paints--transparency/opacity, staining, toxicity, warm/cool, chroma, inorganic/organic.

There was more discussion on form:
Highlight - opaque, cool
Local color - semi-opaque, warm
Halftone - semi-transparent, cool
Shadow - transparent, warm

There was a great presentation on Imagery and Content. I have supporting documentation which is fortunate as my note taking slipped during animated discussion.

So here it is. Five days of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercise. Please don't feel these five posts at all possible of capturing my rich learning experience. I will over time explore various principles as well as try to coalesce groups of principles and present them out with this workshop's labeling.

Thank you's go out to:

Collins Artworks, Steve and Sherry Collins, for hosting this workshop. You know how to make it look easy. True Professionals.

Denise, Dorothy, Rick, Sherry, and Marilyn. My fellow students, all extremely talented professional artists. I learned from each of you. And thanks for all your support!

Koo Schadler. An incredible ball of energy. You entertained while teaching. I am in awe of your knowledge. Thank you for sharing so freely. You're the best!

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