Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pear In Place

This is basically the same image from a couple of days back. I erased the bottom shelf and some of the sides and moved that up to better contain what was to be the pear. Then I had to add stone work to top and bottom to fill in.

I'm really not that pleased with the rough stone background. I don't feel it fits with the look of the arch and pear but I don't know yet what to replace that with, if anything. Perhaps simply moving to larger blocks to reduce the business?

Also want to raise the viewing angle to give a peek onto the shelf. That will allow me to better show a curve to the stonework behind the pear and add shading appropriate to that curve.


  1. I LOVE the rustic stone background with the arch and pear, combining the simplicity of the pear, the clearly planned architecture, the humility of the stone. A believer might say the pear is a humble but elegantly planned construct, available to cathedral builders and stone carriers alike. Praise be. - Joyce

  2. The size of the pear as drawn leads the viewer to see this as tiny cubby or wall niche, so yes I agree-making the stones in the wall larger/less busy will help establish its size as a niche; right now the stones compete with the pear and one isn't sure of the size of either one.
    I'm also thinking that maybe the pear needs a bit of imperfection and subtle quirkiness like in your original sketch ~ not so vertical and symmetrical and with a bit more grounding of shape at its base so that it "sits" firmly on the ledege ~ right ow it appears to be balancing as if on a single point.
    When I squint at this sketch I can still see the depth of the niche and the roundness of the pear and think you really have a wonderful subject and composition for your workshop; I can already see this piece glowing in egg tempera in my mind's eye!
    ~ gretchen

  3. Wow, that's a very thoughtful comment, Joyce. Thank you. I am getting rather hooked on stone work, feeling the need to just get out and look at buildings and walls and such.

  4. The background stone work came from an exercise on drawing stone walls by simply laying in wandering lines and shaping them up into stones and spaces between.

    As I envision this just as you say, a small and indented shelf that needs a background that supports the dimensions. I am thinking maybe stucco but still open to more thoughts at this point.

    Thanks for the suggestions regarding the pear. I do see what you mean. When I re-sketch and change the viewing angle I'll keep those thoughts in mind.

    Something tells me that after a week of Old Masters Design that I'll be bubbling over with ideas!