Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sacred Geometry: Trinity

One circle makes a Circle.
Two circles make a Vesica Piscis.
Three circles make a Trinity--and three Vesica Piscis.

Here is the pattern more commonly seen in a religious setting. They're within Saint Mary's doors and windows.

And here's a little rough sketch of an idea I have for my egg tempera workshop. I will redraw this up properly with a board and t-square and compass. I suppose I could scale the pear anywhere. Suppose it was only a third that size? Then there's the matter of lighting. I may have to build models...


  1. I think this will be perfect for you egg tempera workshop. Isn't it rewarding to have a subject that has a story behind it? Think of all that you have learned and absorbed over the recent past that has now culminated in this deceptively "simple" sketch.
    ~ gretchen

  2. You are so right, Gretchen! I emailed Koo recently regarding picking a subject for week 2 and mentioned that week 1 might influence my decision. She concurred. Still, I think I'm close but will try keep an open mind and see what develops. Perhaps there will be fresh inspiration! :-)

  3. I photographed a lovely window for you on Saturday as a result of reading this series of posts. I will e-mail it. fascinating stuff John.

  4. And a very lovely window it is, Judith! Thank you so much! :-)

    Just today I noticed another church with vesica piscis arched windows.