Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pineapples and a Bad Egg

I added a bit of highlighting for a wrap. As a practice piece I gained experience with heavy white mixes. There was a slight warming after washing the leaves with Chromium Green.

For more technique experience, I tried a second cut. As an experiment, a base was established with some transparent blue layers. Next red and yellow was washed over as I tried to pull purple and green out. It began to work but after some lifting, I let it rest.

As I saw some promise of colors, more and more blue washes were applied even though my egg was smelling quite awful. (I'd forgotten to store it in the fridge after use.)

This evening a new batch of temper was whipped up and I began to apply a yellow wash. The blue started lifting right down to the gesso. This is not unusual if I've laid down many layers over a short time and my brush strokes are heavy, but this piece had a day to dry out. I think the bad egg is the culprit here so this piece will be abandoned and I have learned my lesson well! :-)

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