Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Herbs!

More herbs held prisoner at the local supermarket were rescued this afternoon. They are resting comfortably after having their stems trimmed and set in water.

There are many web references to rooting rosemary and thyme, not so many for sage. Here's hoping for roots soon!

There's been little to post on rosemary work but hours go by simply examining details and making little sketches. Discovering the fractal nature of opposing leaves is satisfying. Attempts to grasp perspective send me back to the basics with pencil exercises.


  1. Your herbs look very happy and festive after their ordeal-I'm sure they will "root" for you, and you will forever be known to them as "John the Liberator"!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Hee hee! Very witty there, Gretchen. ;-)

    The little ones are now tented with saran wrap and out of the bright lights while they settle in.

  3. Good luck with the rooting process-and if they are slow, they may put on a growth spurt when the days lengthen and warm.
    It's taking things things to a new level when not only do you grind your own pigments, but rear your own subjects too! A Renaissance man, John.

  4. Thanks, Judith! Great idea, I'll keep the photoperiodism in mind. Got a horticultural fluorescent that I need to get set up here.