Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Silverpoint Work

This is pretty much a wrap for the silverpoint. There are hours of work here, not only for building up value but also for adding detail that didn't come across with the transfer. Silverpoint is a rather intriguing medium, sort of like a single tone graphite pencil that allows for a slow building of value with a point that never wears out.

Tomorrow will bring some color! :-)

Happy Solstice! Brighter days ahead! :-)


  1. Happy solstice to you too! I would be content with this piece just as it is. I guess that promises so well for what will follow.

  2. Ya, I kinda like the simplicity of the silverpoint but I am looking forward to how things shape up when I begin applying layers. It is not clear yet how long the underlying silverpoint will still show or if it can be leveraged.

    At some time, I would like to try a pure metalpoint piece, or a tempera/silverpoint combination. I'm excited to get started this evening. Updates later tonight...