Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Pineapple Fun

Since the previous post, I've spent about four hours glazing in dark shadows and smoothing out with semi-opaque mixes. I'm having so much fun that I think I'll do all again. It's surprisingly difficult to stick with many light washes and allow for proper drying time between coats. I've dug holes and troughs and had to puddle in fillings. It's good practice with repairs but of course it's best not to dig oneself into a hole to begin with!


  1. This is coming along quite nicely! I love your color choices; the push-pull of the cool green against the purple creates a particularly nice energy.
    ~ gretchen

  2. I was attracted to that contrast too. And I very much enjoyed the "rooted men" post from yesterday.
    I used a couple of your natural pigments-an ochre and a burnt sienna colour- in a little persimmon painting I wrote about on the blog today today. Just wanted to say how gloriously smooth they wereto use..

  3. Gretchen, that purple came about after laying down a rather neutral purple that seemed a bit blah and was then washed with a couple of strong layers of my new reds. I even used that same red for strong lines on the shadow edges. Perhaps I could even use more of that red in the shadows...

  4. Judith, you know, that quickly became one of my favorite posts, if I do say so myself. More quotes from Carlson to come.

    So happy to hear that you are enjoying the handmade pigments! :-)