Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Color

The first layers of color are coming in slowly. Greens with Oxide of Chromium and Nicosia Green. Luberon Red Ochre for the stems. Various amounts of Titanium White. The Nicosia has a slight blue bend that's useful for shadowing.

Before starting on the herb, five layers of Titanium White in a light wash were applied across the entire panel. Earlier panels with lots of open ground have a chalky uneven appearance. Establishing a base is giving this painting a nice smooth look.

Five hours flew by with this evening's work.


  1. This is already looking beautiful
    (and I just love the names of those colors/pigments).
    There is a new book out from North Light called 'Sketchbook Confidential" and while skimming through it at Borders recently, I stumbled upon this quote, and was reminded of it when I saw your rosemary branch this morning:
    "It is impossible to look at something too closely or too often; you always see something more."
    ~ gretchen

  2. And I am finding that oh so true, Gretchen. Just last evening I noticed some new color gradations on the stalks. This morning the backlighting of soft overcast bouncing off snow cover melted in through the window and brought out the form wonderfully.