Sunday, December 12, 2010

Asian Pear Wrap

I've taken a bit of license with the coloring as I got all involved with gradation. The pear was covered with tiny spots which I tried to portray with stippling and I bet a toothbrush could have achieved results too.

Light, easy-going layers work very well and little slip-ups are easily remedied but it is very hard to restrain the urge to go over still wet surfaces. Of course, this only leads to damage. I had to do some serious scraping and rebuilding in the green area.

I tried various washes in an effort to find reasonable shadows. I'll be doing some tests and explorations to find something closer to a neutral shadow area.

After stating my goal for showing work, I've been thinking it useful to come up with a bit of a plan. A first question immediately came up: What subjects should I focus on? And now, I already have a start!

NESBA has a booth at the annual Boston Flower Show in March. Joyce (our NESBA president) just emailed to let me know that this year's subject is anything that can be grown in a container. Thanks, Joyce! :-) So it's time to get to thinking and painting, having something ready in time for the show.


  1. We have such fun putting together our exhibit, and such wonderful response from Flower Show attendees. You'll meet your goal and become even more addicted to this wonderful art! - Joyce

  2. And with a wonderful coach like you, how can I miss? :-)