Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Bit More

Thank you, all you wonderful people, who've coached me on with this piece. You were right; there have been no bird attacks. ;-)

I scraped out the heavy blue on the wing, same for the tail. Dropped in a bit of gray and black for the breast feathering. Straightened the tail and blocked it in.

I'm reading about blocking in first--those big shapes and colors and tones. Details come later. Well, it's a thought any way, and I'd like to try that with the next painting, and also try to remember to apply many light coats.


  1. That birds gonna fly right off that branch when you are done.

    Reminds me of keeping a dead one in the freezer to paint in my college years. If I had painted from then till now I could only wish to paint it as well as this.

    That painting never got started and the bird eventually got a proper burial, to roomate's relief.

  2. I'm working from only one photo but I'll be watching the feeders this weekend for hopefully more shots.

    All I have in the freezer is shrimp. Great story, Margaret! :-)