Monday, August 23, 2010

Poco A Poco Peach

Little by little. Taking my time. I have been rather rushing about lately, seemingly trying to get through a study, rather than taking the time to enjoy the process.

Here's a first shot at a peach. I need to work on form and color. There will be a new model tomorrow. Yep, this one was good eating! :-)


  1. Mmmm-delicious. I thought the colour in this was great and was wondering if you could render the form in just a very few broad brush strokes in these colours, as a variation? Almost like a calligraphy peach, if that makes sense.

  2. I like your idea, Judith! I had spent some time trying to nail the colors (lots of washes here) and now have a better idea of where I should be with my mixes so maybe I can pull that off.

  3. It _is_ calligraphic -- especially the broken mauve shading on the fruit itself. Love the lighting -- electric? -- sunlight? and the whimsical shadow, which is very peachy in its own right, suggesting stains and fragrance. Nice light effect on the right-hand-side of the fruit where the paler stripe in the mauve indicates the silvery fluff.

  4. The lighting is a small desk lamp with a "daylight" tungsten bulb. That puts the temperature anywhere between 3200K and ~4500K! :-) I have standardized with 45 degree facing and down angles. Read that it is standard botanical so I am getting used to that. I really do want to get more into lighting and make botanical standard be just one of many lighting methods. Also interested in something like Ott or other controlled color lighting.

    And then there is getting outdoors, a whole new adventure in color and lighting! :-)