Friday, August 13, 2010

New Books

Three new books arrived today!

First it's Wendy Hollender's new book, Botanical Drawing In Color. This lovely book has some of the same illustrations from her first book and then a whole lot more. And, it is loaded with detailed text! I lost interest with her first book; let's see if I can do better with this recent release.

Next up is Principles Of Color by Faber Birren. The introduction states that this is an elementary book of color theory. Although I do study theory on the web and with books by Itten, this book may fill in some blanks for me.

Lastly, another book from the Cape Cod School of Art gang, Hensche on Painting by John W. Robichaux. These Provincetown artists' books of technique and inspiration are where I have been hanging out lately.

"My goal is to end up in painters heaven with Monet and Hawthorne and Velasquez, even if all I do is clean their brushes."
~ Henry Hensche

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