Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Press and Print

After just one day, this Queen Anne's Lace flattened out nicely to paper thin, although still feeling a bit damp and very delicate.

I'm still in a leaf printing kind of mood. A couple of tries using Sweet Pepperbush in the same style as yesterday.

Green Brier, with its waxy leaf coating and minimal parallel veining, produced an entirely different result. I dropped on a light wash of Schmincke Gold watercolor to pull in all the empty spaces.


  1. I'm loving these prints!
    Ironically, I spent my weekend printing as well; only my subject matter was lily pads. Gathering them was a bit of a challenge as I never really stopped to think it through as they grow in particularly mushy areas of ponds and lakes which made getting to them a little treacherous (talk about 'that sinking feeling'!) . I also wanted the stems to be as long as possible and quickly learned that those stems are quite elastic when pulled and would snap off at about 3 inches after stretching nearly two feet out of the water! I had to be very brave and submerge my hands into the murky water to get to the stems at their base, ever fearful of snapping turtles!
    Once home I dried them off and printed almost 20 pieces; I filled little ' mini-mister' spray bottles with watered down acrylic, placed the specimens down onto my paper and sprayed various colors over them then pressed another sheet of paper over all, resulting in 2 usable prints- a positive and a negative. I'm extremely pleased with my results.
    I'll hopefully be printing some more today and now I want to try out a dab or two of some gold gouache- thanks for the idea!!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Wow, you are so ambitious! And snappers, yipes!

    And thank you for the mister idea. I'd wondered how that might work...