Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Inks

I picked up new inks at the local Joann fabric and craft store. The black is from Studio G--2 x 3 " rectangular pads, the colors from Tsukineko--little 1 x 1.5" VersaMagic eye shaped pads. The Studio G black is a tight pad, but two others in silver and brown have an open foam pad. The VersaMagics use a thick opaque ink that goes on a bit heavy, so that I find that I can first press into a paper towel before going to the sketch pad.

Do see Gretchen's comment in this post, the inspiration for today's printing.

Lilac and Crabapple


More Lilac and Crabapple


  1. Glad you were able to try out some pigment ink pads! How do you like them? VersaMAGIC pads (what you have) have a slightly 'juicier', heavier consistency than the VersaCOLOR pads which I have. VersaColor is a bit harder to find than VersaMagic but will yield more delicate detail. Supposedly VersaFINE is the best of all of them for detail, but I have not tried it. ColorBox inks are very similar to your VersaMagic in how they handle.

  2. I was quite happy with results with the Studio-G black, giving me what I thought was the finest detail.

    Like you say, the VersaMagic is a bit heavy, and really too heavy for what I am after. JoAnn online has the VersaColor but I will just poke around here and there. Inks were never on my radar and now they are just one more part of my ever growing toy box. I think way back when you warned me that this would happen! :-)