Friday, August 27, 2010

Peeking At Paper

I recently (most recent peaches and the pickle) switched from Fabriano HP Extra White pads to Arches HP White pads. I soon noticed that the Arches seemed smoother and figured that a close up might support that thought. These images present at roughly life size, depending on your screen size.

The colors are inaccurate as I placed my effort into portraying texture, but when I place the two side by side, the Fabriano is definitely whiter. I want to try Arches Bright White although it doesn't seem to come in pads. So at some time soon, I will stock up on 22" x 30" sheets, probably both Arches and Fabriano, both in two brightnesses. I just need to decide on 140 lb or 300 lb.

Arches Front

Arches Back

Fabriano Front

Fabriano Back

There was a new arrival to my library today! Quoting the synopsis from Making a Mark reviews:

"This book will provide inspiration to all those who aspire to become botanical artists. It is a record of one woman's development into a successful botanical artist. As part of the Distance Learning Diploma Course run by the Society of Botanical Artists, students are required to keep a sketchbook. The one kept by Mary Ann Scott was exceptional and prompted the idea for this book. Her book covers the exercises, colour charts and basic preparatory work for each assignment, plus the three works for her final portfolio."

Do see the complete review.

And last but certainly not least, Margaret's big box of North Carolina earth pigments arrived today! There are many bags that I'll be checking out--categorizing by color, determining if mortar and pestle work is needed, and photographing the whole kit and kaboodle. I have a few days off and hope to spend some time on this project. More soon! :-)

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