Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fill Of Peaches

Tonight I stayed off the phone and on the scanner. Here is a dual sequence, starting from light to dark and dark to light respectively. It's a fun exercise, but quite time consuming and distracting. Basically, I didn't begin dark enough with the dark to light exercise and abandoned it after step five.

Oh, I drove the poor cat nuts. He's a real pal and hangs out with me so here I am running from room to room and he's trying to keep up. He lays next to me while I paint and tosses the vet about while I scan. Not the vet; his vet, that is. See below....


  1. Well I love these sketches! and the vet too.. they are very peachy and the vet is.. very funny :)
    (I gave a friend of mine a George Bush equivalent.. battered and torn it is still going..)

  2. I can imagine the activity as you and the cat dart from place to place. And the vet seems to be expressing surprise and delight too. :-)
    So do you feel now you have understood a little of the nature of peaches, as well as more about watercolouring? I do, just from seeing the way you worked these different images.

  3. Thanks Val. I'll bet there are many W toys around the world being mauled as we speak. ;-)

  4. Thank you, Judith. I enjoyed this little study! Perhaps it comes down to focusing more on the process, less on the outcome.

  5. What a good idea. Superb 'lumpiness' on the left-hand peach. (That is a compliment :-) And I agree, this is a wonderful way to look at the process -- I imagine it's an exercise you will look back at and feel good about.

    Interesting to me how starting with darker has given you more peachy reds, even though you felt they are too pale. They have that dusty purplish feel to them, whereas the brighter reds laid into and around the yellow on the other side seem to belong to a smoother skin.

    I hope you haven't run out of peach steam yet. Here's a nice daydream: a study of a peach next to a nectarine. You capture texture meticulously and with great conviction. The similarities and differences between the skin surface and its colour would be lovely to admire ... but I do know that this isn't a request show ;-)

  6. And btw I too laughed at the vet. What a good idea. And what a nice cat to follow you in your art. I can see why Pangur Ban appealed.

  7. Hi Katharine! Unfortunately, the peaches have petered out, but it is only a temporary condition. And sure, this can be a request show. Hey, why not? :-)

    I like your idea of mixing fruit and I do want to bring a few items together, particularly so I can work on cast shadows.

    Ya, I am a real cat person. And this little guy is tops. He was up to the same behaviors tonight and now he is resting to my side. Ever guarding his father, he is. :-)