Sunday, August 8, 2010

Color Play, and the beginnings of a studio.

Early exercises in Painting the Impressionist Watercolor encourage simple two paint wet in wet paint play. Set the range of values with only these two paints. I rather enjoyed playing with these cadmiums--Scarlet PR108 and Yellow Pale PY35.

I've been going through one of my phases of dissatisfaction--progress is too slow, things just don't look good, etc... So rather than wallow in my madness, I finally kicked off my plan to turn the spare room (a mess in its own right) into my studio. It's not yet a beauty but I now have a real tabletop for my paints. The kitchen table now belongs to kitchen activities! Seems the living room and the bedroom both also had their share of art toys, and now everything is in one place. Turns out I'm not the only one excited over this--Timothy the cat is flying about the house, howling when he stops to look wildly about.


  1. Oh my! These literally pop off the page (screen)! Soon you will be delving in the reflected light that is found in the shadows; this will make things pop even more. I particularly like the ball/sphere in the upper right hand corner.
    Ah, "a room of one's own"... soon to be mine as well. It will be a welcome change to be able to leave my things set up 24/7, to be able to sit down and pick up where I left off last whenever I want vs. having to take everything out and put it all away every time I want to do something.
    If Timothy is anything like my (late) cat Momo, no matter how big a room/studio you have, he will be draped across your work. I learned to always let the cat hair dry into the paint before trying to pick it out- far less smearing that way!
    enjoy your new space,

  2. It took some daring to drop in bold, pure pigment. I need to collect colored shapes and backgrounds for a little still life modeling environment.

    My kitchen table was to the point that I had to make room for a watercolor block. Timothy didn't dare hop up into that mess! :-) It remains to be seen how things go. Up until now, he has not dealt with pigmented paws, so I suppose he is overdue. Still, cat hair seems to get into everything and that is okay by me. Cats will be cats. ;-)

  3. Oh, you will never want to leave your studio, will you?

    Good to hear that your new place is coming along. Moving is so much easier when the snow is not flying! :-)