Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thoughts on making charts

I began with the intent of copying the Munsell 5YR chart in egg tempera but soon realized that I didn't have enough familiarity with my pigments. So for a starter exercise I simply cut loose and played with a few pigments that I thought might get me close.

The Cyprian umber seemed to be outside the hue family but the English sienna and Type B umber came in with a few colors from the chart. I thought that I could run through adding more white to a pigment and see it walk up the value scale while holding chroma. Not so with these pigments, and I find this fascinating!

I want to retry this study with the same pigments only now working strictly with the Munsell neutral values as value guides and see how the pigments then perform. The initial pigments will take time but I suspect this will get easier as I gain experience.

There might be two approaches--mixed with white, or straight pigment(either layered or different strengths).  Note the last column where I layered pigment instead of mixing white, preserving transparency.

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